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Misc Projects

Things I do other than teaching:

pctanzania.org--website I collaborate on for volunteers in Tanzania.  Related to it, my hard drive is a mirror for a giant repository of the stuff volunteers have built up over the years because we are trying to have a formal library so it doesn't get lost with the two year turnover of volunteers.

zummtz.org--a website I built to assist some VSO volunteers with their secondary project.  It's not really populated yet, but I did teach them how, set it up, get them a domain name, etc.  It's not really my project and I know nothing about it so I can't exactly add the content myself.

Shika kwa Mouse project--related to Shika na Mikono, but for ICT.  I wrote part of it.

Turning water into wine.  I make wine in buckets in my kitchen.  Sometimes I invite Tanzanians over and show them how.  Sometimes I teach other volunteers who can teach other Tanzanians.  It's a great income-generating activity: it's easy, it's cheap, people like it and are willing to pay for it, it's a way to store fruit in a hot climate and it's something to drink that's safe.

My friend Isaac poses in front of the bucket of papaya wine we
just made together.  Isaac runs workshops to teach low-income women
marketable skills and wanted to learn wine-making in order to teach a workshop on it.